Why Chatbots ??

Customer/User experience is what drives business in today’s fast moving and constantly upgrading world. If one doesn’t keep the pace of adapting with the new emerging technology then one can find itself behind others in the race. Leveraging these technological advancement can benefit business in many ways in-turn which can lead in more business and happy customers. One such technology is Chatbot. So lets find out “why chatbots” are need of today’s business.


DevoirTech Why Chatbots

What is Chatbot

Chatbots are conversation machine algorithm which interact with user/customer and send reply depending upon the program flow/matrix is defined.



Benefits of Chatbot

Chatbots are helpful in many ways for Business, lets find out benefits of it.

1) Automate repetitive work in support

By making frequently asked questions and standardizing its response, you can have Chatbot to interact with customer on there questions. This can be very useful in tasks such as FAQ, Product features etc

2) Serve multiple clients

As chatbots are program, they can server multiple user queries at a same time, which directly increases client positive feedback.

3) Increase in Client/Customer support experience

Since chatbots are capable of catering multiple users/customer at same time which results in good user/customer experience as he/she doesn’t have to wait for few minutes before reaching customer agent to solve query.

4) Cost saving

Many companies invest a lot to hire number of customer representatives and hardware setup, which increase setup cost and employee salaries, but using chatbots, which can be developed and  maintained by single for few users saves a lot of money and resource time, which can be then utilize in productive work.


If you want to see example of chatbot then Click here to interact.

Chatbots Examples

Many companies have started using chatbots due to its usefulness. Here are a few examples of how innovative companies are using chatbots to help improve operations, connect with customers, and increase sales.

  1. Starbucks
  2. Lyft
  3. Fandango
  4. Spotify
  5. Whole Foods
  6. Pizza Hut and many more.
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